A Brief History of

"It has been estimated that the human population of 6000 B.C. was about five million people, taking perhaps one million years to get there from two and a half million. The population did not reach 500 million until almost 8,000 years later -about 1650 A.D. This means it doubled roughly once every thousand years or so. It reached a billion people around 1850, doubling in some 200 years. It took only 80 years or so for the next doubling, as the population reached two billion around 1930. We have not completed the next doubling to four billion yet, but we now have well over three billion people**. The doubling time at present seems to be about 37** years. Quite a reduction in doubling times: 1,000,000 years, 1,000 years, 200 years, 80 years, 37 years."

Paul Ehrlich, Ph.D.,1968
The Population Bomb
Stanford University

**The world human population in 2004 is estimated to be about 6.4 billion people, doubling every 40 years. But now in 2017, the human population of the earth is 7.4 billion and the doubling time has dropped to every 200 years. Well now there is nothing to worry about....or is there???


Has the carrying capacity of the earth to support people been reached in 2004, that is the carrying capacity of the earth to support people indefitely? (and surpassed by 2017?)

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